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10 Technologies that will transform your life February 13, 2008

Posted by Saaketh in Technology.


Livescience.com listed out the following ten future technologies that are potential to change the living.

  1. The Hydrogen Economy: Expected to replace oil economy.
  2. Therapeutic Cloning: Cancerous or damaged organs could be replaced by new, disease-free clones of themselves.
  3. Computing Power: Moore’s law still holds good and expected to be valid for some more time.
  4. Desktop 3-D Printing: When your favorite gadget of the future breaks, you might select a replacement model online, download its design file and make a true 3-D replacement on your home printer.
  5. Location-Based Computing: Location based services will evolve that could bridge real and virtual worlds seamlessly.
  6. Better, Cheaper Solar Cells: The cost of photo voltaic cells will come down drastically and solar power expected to wide spread in use in house hold usage, space and vehicles.
  7. Mobile Robots: Why drive to the deli to pick up your order when you can just send your robot car?
  8. Pervasive Wireless Internet: WiMAX, 3G, 4G, etc., all point to a pervasive wireless Internet, where being on-line everywhere, all the time, will be routine.
  9. Gene Therapy and Stem Cells: scientists are working to change the genes causing inherited diseases and trick defective cells into growing correctly.
  10. Digital Libraries: The time will come when any straightforward factual question can be answered immediately, online.

For more details on the technologies read livesciences.com

Via Techpark 



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